My O My Is It Ever Important to Have Water

If there ever was a necessity that we simply take for granted, then it would be something like water. In the United States of America we simply assume that we will have clean drinking water available to us at a moment’s notice. We can simply go to our kitchen or bathroom sinks and find a steady stream of clean drinking water. We are able to flush our toilets at any given moment. We can hop into our showers and get ourselves clean without the fear of some brain eating microbe getting into our system.

However, this is not the case in many places. There are many places in the world that do not have the luxury of necessities being so easily obtained. It is quite a travesty that people cannot go to a sink and know that they can so easily and quickly obtain clean, refreshing drinking water. In many countries, if you were to drink the water they have available to them, then you would like come down with some sort of sickness.

We are often reminded of the blessing that we have of clean, refreshing drinking water when we as Americans undergo some sort of disaster. It is not uncommon for residents of areas that are often hit by hurricanes to have to take the water that comes from their taps and boil it. However, there are times where this is not even safe enough, so they have take up things like bottled water.

One of the great blessings of living in the United States of America is that we as Americans have a variety of options when it comes to getting this clean, refreshing, steady drinking water. We can water pumped into us by the city that we live in and pay them a monthly fee for the amount of water we use. We can go to the store and buy water by the case, the bottle, or by the jug. We can even call in a specialist to handle some water well drilling Grady County in our very own yards and get water from the water tables that are located directly underneath our very own homes. Again, not every country has these wonderful, beneficial blessings available to them.

There is no question that water is an absolute essential for life in this world. If we did not have it, then we would all go thirsty. If we did not have it, then we would never be able to clean ourselves, our families, our vehicles, our dishes, or our animals. If we did not have water, then we would all overheat. If we did not have water, then there is no telling the number of travesties that would occur. All we have to do is simply look to other countries and see the impact not having clean, steady, available, and refreshing drinking water has upon a people. So, be thankful for what we have.