A Very Small Insect Can Hint at Much Larger Problems

There’s something magical about watching a building take shape. Sometimes it almost feels magical as disparate parts suddenly turn into something better described as a home. And that’s a story which every home on earth has taken part in at some time or another. Homeowners would do well to take a moment to really consider how amazing their buildings really are.

But the moment after that might be best served by considering how vulnerable that building might actually be. After all, anything that’s made can be unmade. And anything build on a foundation can be destroyed as easily as that foundation. Most people would dismiss that sort of idea pretty easily. After all, their home feels solid and safe. It’s probably shielded them and their family from any number of thunderstorms and heavy winds. If a home can stand up to all that than what could possibly pose a credible threat to it?

The answer is surprisingly small. A simple termite can be all it takes to utterly destroy a home. And as mentioned before, a home is just as vulnerable as its foundation. When considering that one should think about load bearing beams and of all the wood in their house. This should make things drastically clear after connecting some mental dots.

When we talk about termites we usually think of them as individuals. And one tiny bug simply doesn’t feel like a threat. But termites are part of a class of social insect that’s better thought of as a colony based entity. When one sees a termite it’s analogous to spotting the tip of an iceberg. A bit of ice from an iceberg isn’t an issue. The mass lurking below the tip is what’s disastrous. Likewise, a single termite isn’t much of a threat. But where there’s one termite there’s usually a colony. And a colony can comprise anywhere between 600,000 to a full million hungry bugs.

It really doesn’t matter how little damage something does when you’re considering those numbers. Imagine a very small hole, the size of a pinhead. You probably wouldn’t bat an eye if you knew that was on a load bearing part of your home. But now multiply that small hole in size by a million times over. And imagine that happening not once, but continually. And that’s the real significance of termites.

Thankfully, there’s quite a few methods of fighting back against termites. A termite treatment perth style usually calls for some direct measures. And they’re common enough in the area that one will often want to actually begin safeguarding a home before any problems appear. For example, a termite barrier can block off potentially vulnerable areas in a home.

Other times one might simply be able to deal with an existing infestation and never see another termite again. However, things usually sit in the middle of those two extremes. People are usually best off taking care of existing problems and then putting measures in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again. But the main point to remember is that these very small problems can get out of hand very quickly. And a small problem multiplied a million times over is quite significant.